Steve Stones

I grew up in Devon and began fishing at the age of five with a local schoolfriend, as nobody in my own family had ever been remotely interested in the sport. Within a couple of years I was completely obsessed, and remember one summer spending every single day of the school holidays fishing on the Exeter canal! I must have been keen, especially as skimmers, bootlace eels, tiny perch and ‘blade’ roach, were all that we ever caught.

After spending the next dozen or so years match and pleasure fishing local waters, as soon as I was old enough to drive I began to venture further afield. The Dorset Stour and Hants Avon beckoned, and that’s when I first became infected by the specimen fishing bug! Every weekend would be spentne my two loves of writing and fishing. Before I knew it I was winging my way to Cambridgeshire for a a new job. I had a thoroughly enjoyable 8 years at AT, running the news desk for much of it and in the process getting to meet many of my childhood heroes such as Chris Yates and John Wilson. There then followed a switch to become editor of Improve Your Coarse Fishing magazine for the best part of two years, before at the end of 2014 I decided to make a change and go freelance. Apart from writing regular features for the magazines and proofreading/sub-editing angling books for clients to keep me busy when I’m not fishing, I’m also trying to develop an old quarry site into a carp fishery, but three years after we started it still looks….well, like a quarry! Progress is painfully slow, but I haven’t yet given up hope!

Stamford, where I have lived for the past decade, is officially in Lincolnshire, but it’s no more than a few miles from the borders with Cambridgeshire and Northamptonshire, so there are plenty of angling opportunities within an hour’s drive. I’m happiest when fishing the rivers in winter for chub and perch, closely followed by tench fishing in the spring and early summer on the numerous gravel pits the area has to offer. Unlike Devon, it’s a great area to live in if you’re a coarse angler!